Micro Irrigation and Marginal Farmers


Micro Irrigation Systems, like Drip Irrigation System, Sprinkler Irrigation System are highly subsidized by the government to support the farmers. In Chhattisgarh, the Government provides a subsidy from 70% to 90% of the cost. But still, it’s reach to small and marginal farmers is way beyond the targets. Micro Irrigation Systems are successful where the irrigation like borewells, dug wells, canal river or pond is available. But small and marginal farmers lack these types of resources in their farms. Even if the farmers have limited irrigation facilities like small farm ponds or tank there are products to help them irrigation like “family drip”. Overall these micro-irrigation solutions give a great variety and range which can be used for various purposes and crops.

Type of Products

Drip Irrigation systems: This system saves almost 60-70% of water as compared to flooding. This system provides the exact amount of water to the root area of the crop which not only increases water to crop efficiency but also reduces weeds in the field. The system can also be used for precise fertigation of the crop. This system enables a farmer to control water and fertilizer dosage to the crop which results in low cost in application, uniform growth of the crop, uniform fruiting and more productivity.




Subsurface Drip: This is a new type of system but not much prevalent in Chhattisgarh. The drip laterals are laid below the root area, not above the soil. This reduces furthermore evaporation loss. Due to drip lines, underground the tractor and other implements can be used easily in the field. It is costly as of now.







Gravity Drip: This drip is very much successful where there is no permanent source of irrigation. Drip is connected to a tank(plastic) raised above the ground through some stand. With the help of the force of water, the area is irrigated through the drip. This drip can be installed in a small area of 1/4-1 acre for short term vegetable crops. It is most useful in the rainfed area and small landholdings. This is cheap as compared to drip fitting. It will cost 12-15 thousand an acre as compared to 50-60 thousand of drip irrigation system.