VST Virat Plus 4 wheel Drive

Engine 4 Cylinder diesel with overhead valve (OHV) More robust and geometrically balanced for enhanced output
Output (HP) / Rated (rpm) 27 @ 2800 Powerful compact tractor
Displacement (Swept Volume) CC 1306  
Bore & Stroke (mm) 73 & 78 Minimised engine vibrations
Max Torque (Kg-m) @ (rpm) 7.2 @ 2200 Handles sudden load with ease
Backup Torque 8 - 10%
Specific Fuel Consumption (gm / hp-hr) 190 Highest fuel efficiancy for greater savings
Fuel Tank Capacity (ltrs) 18
Air Cleaner Dry Type Cleaner intake air to engine for better efficiency
Clutch Diaphragm type 230 mm dia. Robust clutch for superior maneuverability
Constant Mesh 8F + 2R Max optimised operation at varying speeds and loads
Gear Lever RH Side Shift Ensures greater comfort for operator
Wheel Drive 4 WD Superior multi-tasking capabilities from farming to haulage
Speed Range (km /hr ) 2.6 - 25.5 Ideal speed selections as required for specific operations
Std. PTO (rpm) 540 & 1000 Best suited for PTO related operations
PTO (HP) 24
Differential 4 star differential Better load with standing
Brakes Oil Immersed Brakes Safe and reliable 'Sure Stop' Technology
Smart Hydraulic System Auto Draft & Depth Control (ADDC) High-Capacity Smart Hydraulics for carrying loads upto 1000 kg
Lift Capacity (kg) 1000
Haulage (Tonnes) 4 Best-in-class haulage capacity for greater profits
Three Point Linkage New Cat.1 Design
OverallDimensions (LxBxH) (mm) 2360 x 1130 x 1360  
GroundClearance (mm) 230 Best for all fieldoperations
Turning Radius(mm) 2.1 Best-in-class tocover every corner of the field
Weight (Kg) 900 Better stability and lesser slippage in all operations
Wheel Base(mm) [L] 1420
Wheel Track(mm) - Front [a] / Rear [b] 870 / 920
Tyre Outer(mm) - Front [c] / Rear [d] 1030 / 1130 Ideal for inter-row cultivation
Ground to SIP(mm) 1087