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An “electric water pump” depends on electricity for its power source and converts the electric energy into mechanical energy to provide required pressure to the water. The small electric water pumps usually have a small DC motor. The main functioning is provided by this small motor, which runs through the coil and produces the required forces. A series of pushes results in powering of the pump.

Types of Electric Pumps

1. Monoblock –  As the name suggests mono means solo, whereas the monoblock pump means a pump unit which is inflexibly coupled to prime mover like a motor. The monoblock pump work is to avoid the transmission losses where the 3% losses within the coupling driven sets and the 7% of losses within belt-driven sets as well as. There is no loss of energy while transmitting energy from the motor to shaft. Generally, these pumps are installed close to the reservoir otherwise well.

3. Open Well Pump – Openwell submersible pumps are replacing centrifugal pumps at a number of places because of some of the inherent advantages, such as.

  • No separate foundation is required.
  • Cooling is much better & hence longer life.
  • Convenient to move from place to place.
  • oot – Valve is not required.
  • Suction head is eliminated.

3. Submersible Pump – A submersible pump is a pump that can be put in the water. The electric motor is sealed in such a way that the power line and the spinning shaft are sealed to prevent water from coming in. To further prevent problems, there is often an oil filling the inside the motor housing so there isn’t a compression problem (depending on the depth of submersion). The oil also helps transfer heat from the motor to the outside of the case where the water can cool it.

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